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As 5th January 2021:

We are in national lockdown for the next few weeks which means the physical shop has to close. However, the online shop is OPEN and you can click, collect & pay at the door at the following times:

Monday to Saturday: 9.30am – 12pm
Sunday: Closed

Not all items are on the online shop – but we’re working hard to get them on there – so if there’s anything you need that you can’t see on the shop pages, please email info@haberdasherdo.co.uk or call 01202 428612. Items that are coming online soon – bias binding, haberdashery items, zips, more fabrics and wool.

About us …

Situated in the heart of Southbourne Grove in sunny Bournemouth, we stock a vast range of haberdashery items for all your sewing and dressmaking needs, from shoulder pads to knicker elastic and everything in between, as well as fabric, trimmings, decorative finishes, embroidery and tapestry threads, hoops and accessories, wool and knitting essentials, dress and knitting patterns, craft kits, fabric dyes, net curtains, curtain track and more.

Our aim is provide you with the inspiration, skills and equipment to create, learn, make and mend … so whether you need something to jazz up an outfit, some ideas for your kids’ fancy dress, some thread to patch your jeans or you want to learn a new skill, we can help you haberdasher-do!

Thanks – Jane & the Haberdasherdo Team