McCall’s M8185 Size XL-XXL-XXXL


M8185 size code/range XN (XL-XXL-XXXL ). Men’s Costume

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The Victorian gentleman gives full attention to every detail of his attire. His garment is composed of a slim coat, vest & pants of mismatching prints & materials. This men’s costume is a must have for your reenacting, steampunk, LARP wardrobe.
Fabric Suggestions: FABRICS: *With Nap **Without Nap
A,B,C,D,E: Suiting Fabric, Gabardine, Wool/Wool Blends, Also C,D: Brocade, Jacquard. Lining: Lining Fabric.
Note: Fabric requirement allows for nap, one-way design or shading. Extra fabric may be needed to match design or for shrinkage.


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