M7874 Misses’ Tops and Leggings Sizes XS-S-M


M7874 Size Code Y Size Range XS-S-M Misses’ Tops and Leggings Suitable Fabrics: A, b, C, D: Moderate Stretch Knits (35% Cross Grain): Athletic Knits Micro Fleece, Cotton Knits. E: Two-way Stretch Knits (50% Cross Grain): Athletic Knits.

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Tops feature neckline, sleeve and fabric variations with side front pockets and a shaped hem. Leggings have double yoke with encased elastic, no side seams and stitched hem. C, D: Elongated sleeves with thumb opening in cuff. D: Purchased cording for drawstring.

For moderate stretch knits only.
For two-way stretch knits only.


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