M7376 Children’s/Girls’ blouson-bodice Rompers and Jumpsuits Sizes 2-3-4-5 Learn to Sew for Fun


M7376 Size Code CDD Size Range 2-3-4-5 Children’s/Girls’ blouson-bodice Rompers and Jumpsuits Suitable Fabrics: Cotton blends, broadcloth, Gingham, Novelty Fabrics, Denim.

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Rompers and jumpsuits have shoulder strap variations, and elasticized upper edge and waist. A: bias flower. C, D: Elasticized legs. A, C, D: bow. b, C, D: Ruffles with narrow hem. A, b, E: Stitched hems.

Patterns designed for the beginner
Easy-to-follow instructions and basic sewing tips

With this pattern you can:

  • Make shoulder straps or ties.
  • Make an elastic casing.
  • Sew a machine stitched hem.


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