Prym Mini Steam Iron


Calling all dressmakers – you won’t know you needed one of these until you have one, then you’ll wonder why you never had one before!  It’s perfect for delicate work with interfacing, or ironing thin seams, corners and sleeves and its ergonomic shape makes it lovely to use. It can double as a travel iron too.  Pair it with our space-saving mini ironing board for £10.

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The handy Mini steam iron is ideal for mastering particularly delicate work with interfacing, or ironing thin seams. It is a useful travel companion for ironing or steaming creased garments. It sits lightly and comfortably in the hand and its specially shaped handle makes it easy to transfer effective pressure. It can be switched from 200 V to 110 V and there are steam irons with UK plugs for Great Britain. The pack also contains a measuring cup for filling the water reservoir and a carrying bag.