Pony Knitting & Crochet Advent Calendar – packed with 24 essential gadgets


A knitting and crochet-lover’s dream!  2020 advent calendar, jam-packed with a treat for each day from bodkins to stitch markers!

See full description below for list of contents.

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2020 advent calendar.  Jam-packed with a treat for each day from bodkins to stitch holders…


  1. Sock shaped point protectors (small)
  2. Coloured anodised bodkins (small)
  3. Double-ended crochet hook (4 – 4.5mm)
  4. Wool pins with wooden knobs (2mm)
  5. Coloured anodised knooking needle (3mm)
  6. Wool needles (assorted)
  7. Self cover buttons (17mm)
  8. Brass interchangeable knobs
  9. Mini stitch holder
  10. Small ring pompon maker
  11. Coloured anodised double-ended knitting pins (3mm)
  12. Crystal head pins (38mm x 0.6mm)
  13. Wooden stitch markers
  14. Maple interchangeable tips and cable (10.5cm x 4.5mm, 80cm cable)
  15. Coloured safety pins
  16. Coloured anodised stitch holder (medium)
  17. Children’s knobbed knitting pins (3mm)
  18. Magic needle
  19. Crochet hook with plastic handle (3mm)
  20. Double-ended point protector (small)
  21. Universal row counter
  22. Split ring markers (6 x small and 6 x large)
  23. Coloured anodised interchangeable tips and cable (10.5cm x 3.5mm, 60cm cable)
  24. Fabric clips (2 of each size) and knitting calculator